Thonnur Lake

Mysore Attractions | Thonnur Lake

Thonnur Lake – Are you a shutterbug? Do you love being in the lap of nature? Are you planning to visit Mysore? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions then Thonnur Lake is a must Mysore sightseeing place for you to visit. Situated at a distance of about 40 km from Mysore; it is a scenic excursion site.

The area is quite peaceful and you feel like you are transported into a different dimension upon your arrival at this, one of the most beautiful, lakes in Mysore. The road to this lake pass through different villages and that makes another great sight. So before even your reach this place you are already mesmerized by the scenic beauty on its way. Great to visit in summers, this place must be in your list of attractions in and around Mysore.

History tells us that Adilshah of Bijapur invaded this place and Nasir Jung, the Mughal Subedar of Deccan being surprised to see his reflection in crystal clear water called it “Moti Talab” (Lake of pearls). The Tiger of Mysore; Tipu Sultan repaired its bund and built some caves in the hills known as Tipu caves.


Thonnur Lake, also known as ‘Thirumala Sagara’ is one of the most soothing Mysore attractions due to the peace and serenity it offers to our senses. You can do a lot of things here which I have listed for you below:

  • There are three main temples very near to this lake; Sri Nambinarayana, Sri Parthasarathy and Sri Narasimha. This place is holy for Srivaishnavas as Saint Sri Ramanujaacharya stayed here for some years in the 12th century.
  • It is a perfect place to swim; though one shouldn’t go far from the shore as it can be dangerous. Water is really clear and you can even see the pebbles on the lake bed.
  • As there are a few hillocks around this lake so it is really good for trekking. You can trek nearby hillocks and find your very own place to sit around the lake.
  • Also at one end of lake there is a sandy beach where you can enjoy the view of the lake. You need to trek a little to reach this spot.
  • Boating is available for the visitors.
  • As said in the beginning if you are a shutter bug then this is the best Mysore sightseeing place for you to enjoy your photography.
  • This spot is one of the best picnic destination in and around Mysore and is one of the not known Mysore attractions to tourists. So there is not much crowd here and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Mother Nature in a calm and relaxed manner.
  • There is a snack shop also nearby that provides some tea and eatables.


  • There are no closing timings for this Mysore sightseeing place and it is open 24 hours all week long.
  • Situated at about 12 km from Pandavapura; you are required to reach Pandavapura first which is 25 km from Mysore. You can take either train or a bus to reach here if you don’t have your own vehicle. Trains which run between Bangalore and Mysore do stop here.
  • Autos and buses are available to take you from Pandavapura to this, one of the most peaceful, lakes in Mysore.

So folks make sure that Thonnur Lake is on your list of Mysore attractions when you plan a visit to Mysore. There are lots of places to see in and around Mysore which will definitely dazzle your senses.