Mysore and surrounding regions are home to several education and research institutes of national importance, mixed that with the industrial boom you’re staring at exponential growth. The alarming rate at which the city of Mysore is growing can be attributed to the increasing presence of these vital establishments. The city is growing in the outlying areas as can be witnessed in monster scale residential/ housing developments and giving way to new construction of suitable housing.

plots mysoreWith an educated workforce flooding the market, most buyers in today’s Mysore market want to build from the ground up leaving existing structures a thing the past. Current buyers are discovering that when purchasing a plot of land and hiring a architect/builders is more cost effective then purchasing pre-owned property that needs renovation work. Purchasing a vacant plot of land enables new owners to personalize their new home with accessories, interior designs and outdoor spaces as needed.

It has now resolved by the government to ask particular residents to depart their land for the development of new roads and byways. Resulting in a sort of refugee situation as these evicted residents seek new dwellings in the peripherals of Mysore suburbs.

plots mysoreFurthermore, within the city perimeter, ten-feet of the landowner’s plot will be given to the civic departments when an permits are submitted for non-agriculture purposes. Plots adjoining to government roadways will be required to surrender 30-feet of the land for public use.

The rapid growth of Mysore over recent years are skewing new arrivals towards Southern Mysore suburbia where private builders have designed new layouts in the area including recreational developments in the shape of shopping malls, international convention centers, and championship golf course, etc