Prior to the high-tech IT corporations moving to Mysore, property values throughout the city were very unattractive for developers to even consider building gated communities, luxury apartments, or elegant dwellings and decided to concentrate more on offering individual vacant plots at valuable rates.

mysore real estateThe demand for residential property in Mysore has benefited from the byproduct effect coming from Bangalore, which is home to the majority of IT conglomerates. With the huge scale industrial growth came an huge increase of employees giving positive momentum to residential real estate sector of Mysore.

Thrusting the city’s municipal departments to quickly issue as many as 100 licenses to new contractors for commercial and residential projects in order to keep up with the demand from professionals who wanted a base for their commute between Mysore and Bangalore.

Besides a hub for the young IT wizard, Mysore is also a popular retirement destination which witnesses a large floating population of local weekend tourists.In time these weekend warriors will convert from visitors to the city to actual holiday homes owners. Mostly working in Bangalore, a second home in Mysore means not only a weekend getaway, buy also capital gain benefit.

While property value in Mysore have appreciated four-fold in certain neighborhoods like Siddhartha Nagar, Gokulam and Jayalakshmi Puram, etc. Experts are predicting a three-fold increase over the next year in other suburban neighborhoods. Based off research and historical trends in the property market, Mysore is predicted to see another 10% to 15% percent appreciation in the next 3 years.

The time is now for investors in the real estate market. International investors are always welcomed to play the market, investigate, witness and maybe you’re next investment might land right here in Mysore.

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