Planet Earth Aquarium, Mysore

Places to visit in Mysore – Planet Earth Aquarium is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Mysore since August 2016. It is also one of the most top largest aquariums in India. Planet Earth Aquarium holds 150 plus range of patterned fishes, fabulous collection of both fresh water as well as the oceanic. Planet Earth Aquarium also has a pet Zoo which allo

wing the younger minds to get awareness in pets and domestic animals. Agricultural wakefulness is another feature of this aquarium, where the kids are shown various vegetable plants, seeds, trees etc., Overall, planet Earth Aquarium makes an ideal place for the Pet lovers and kids.

Planet Earth Aquarium took enormous enjoyment in telling the story of the oceanic kings and queens, the fish, as the young excited learners were amenable to each and every detail of the marine dwellers. Along with it, the children were also exposed to a mixture of organic agricultural manufacture and behavior. The promised guided tour for kids was so enchanting that they hardly noticed the time take wing by. They were fascinated by the beauty of these sea creatures.

Visitors can learn about a mixture of types of fish, their food habits, their original habitat, their protection in captivity, etc. Planet Earth is the only Aquarium and Farm of its kind in the Mysore City limits and this made it a fruitful visit. Some of the rarest species they have in their collections. They abode cold water, tropical, soft water and hard water, alien maritime fishes such as alligator fish, tiger fish, varieties of gold fish, catfish, eel, lobsters, sting rays, lion fish, and star fish.

Also, These days, many of us have little or no awareness about where our foodstuff comes from or how the flora and fauna are raised. Visiting farms is one of the most substantial ways to reconnect students with farming and animals, educate the new generation, interacting with the food systems and food cycle.

This visit to Planet Earth was an exceptional chance for the students to learn to safeguard and take pleasure in the various gifts that nature has defined for us.!