Mysore attractions

Mysore is viewed as among South India’s well known vacationer goals. There is something grand about Mysore visiting places. It could in view of the city’s sparkling regal legacy and glorious structures and landmarks. The World Heritage–listed Mysore palace brings tourists from over the globe.

Mysore visiting places - lake in mysore
Mysore visiting places

Be that as it may, there could be another motivation behind why tourists make the trip to the place – the creation of premium silk, incense and sandalwood. Mysore is eminent for its sandalwood items and handicrafts work which are world famous.

Mysore is a major tourist destination and mysore visiting places are having its own right and serves as a base for other tourist attractions in the vicinity. The city receives large number of tourists during the 10-day Dasara festival. One of the most visited monuments in India, the Amba Vilas Palace, or Mysore Palace, is the centre of the Dasara festivities.

The Jaganmohana Palace, The Sand Sculpture Museum the Jayalakshmi Vilas and the Lalitha Mahal are other palaces in the city.

Chamundeshwari Temple, atop the Chamundi Hills, and St. Philomena’s Church, Wesley’s Cathedral are notable religious places in Mysore.

Mysore visiting places

There are plenty of Mysore visiting places are located in this elegance city. So, here we go.

The Mysore Zoo, established in 1892,the Karanji and Kukkarahalli lakes are popular recreational destinations. Mysore has the Regional Museum of Natural History, the Folk Lore Museum, the Railway Museum and the Oriental Research Institute. The city is a centre for yoga-related health tourism that attracts domestic and foreign visitors, particularly those who, for years, came to study with the late ashtanga yoga guru K. Pattabhi Jois.

Mysore visiting places

A short distance from Mysore city is the neighbouring Mandya District’s Krishnarajasagar Dam and the adjoining Brindavan Gardens, where a musical fountain show is held every evening. Places of historic importance close to Mysore are Mandya District’s Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangapatna.

And other neighborhood Mysore visiting places are Somanathapura and Talakad. B R Hills, Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta hill and the hill stations of Ooty, Sultan Bathery and Madikeri are close to Mysore.

Popular destinations for wildlife enthusiasts near Mysore include the Nagarhole National Park, the wildlife sanctuaries at Melkote, Mandya and B R Hills and the bird sanctuaries at Ranganathittu, Mandya and Kokrebellur, Mandya.

Bandipur National Park and Mudumalai National Park, which are sanctuaries for gaur, chital, elephants, tigers, Indian leopards and other threatened species, lie between 40 and 60 mi (64 and 97 km) to the south. Other tourist spots near Mysore include the religious locations of Nanjanagud and Bylakuppe and the waterfalls at neighboring districts of Mandya’s Shivanasamudra. Miss not out to visit the above spots which is around mysore while you plan your trip of Mysore visiting places.

Birds at Mysore

The most important to visit the spot out of Mysore visiting places is Birds at mysore. Mysore Birds are the upshot of concentrated looking at of the spot over two decades through well-planned meadow excursions and investigate & compiling the previous reports. Mysuru area represents three southern districts of Karnataka state, namely Mysore, Mandya and Chamarajanagar. Biodiversity-rich forest reserves like Nagarhole and Bandipur National Parks; Nugu, Biligiri Rangaswamy, and Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuaries situated on the west- southeast boundary is excluded as their ecosystem are entirely different.


 An effort is made to gain the baseline in turn of butterflies on multiplicity and class work of Mysore area. Therefore it is a notable thing to observe while you do plan your Mysore visiting places schedule. Diversity is the most often accepted decisive factor for assessment of surroundings. The result requires identifying cost-effectively significant habitats for protection purposes. The study area lies in the path of the annual butterfly congregation.

Rare Trees of Mysore

Mysore city, famous as a heritage city of Karnataka State and for the beautiful parks, gardens and avenues, has some uncommon trees.  The usual trees in the parks are Gulmohar, Jacaranda, Bauhinias, Raintree, Copperpod, Mahogany, etc. However, if one goes along the roads and visits public or private gardens one comes across some trees which are generally not seen commonly.  So, here is an attempt to list such trees, its locations and provide brief descriptions.  This is definitely not a complete or comprehensive documentation.  Many more trees are seen and they will also be recorded in future. This is the most important notable visit among Mysore visiting places.

A few of such trees are:

  • Adansonia digitata
  • Amherstia nobilis
  • Neolamarckia cadamba
  • Barringtonia asiatica
  • Dalbergia lanceolaria
  • Ficus natalensis
  • Hibiscus tiliaceus
  • Parmentiera cerrifera

Traditional Trees of Mysore

In Indian custom and civilization counting myths, much significance has been given to positive principles, which are scrupulously followed in order to get better the excellence of life.  In fact it is a built in nature of Indian civilization.  One such value is to be familiar with, respect and to remember our spiritual leaders, saints who are guiding our socio-spiritual life.  Likewise very old monuments and buildings are also greatly respected and secluded irrespective of social group or creed.

  • Peepal Tree
  • Amarind Tree or Indian Date
  • Neem Tree or Margosa Tree
  • Indian Cherry Plum or Jujube  Tree
  • Banyan Tree
  • Red Silk Cotton Tree