Mysore sand sculpture Museum

Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum: What comes in your mind when you hear the phrase “Sand Sculpture”? Obviously the first thing which strikes your mind is the beach. We are really amazed at the talent of people when we see a fantastic sand sculpture on the beach. However, if you are in Mysore, you don’t need to find a beach to see sand sculptures. The latest addition in the list of Mysore attractions is the Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum. Located on the way to Chamundi Hills reaching this Mysore museum takes about 20 minutes from Mysore City Bus Stand and the same amount of time from Mysore Junction.

Covering an area of 13,500 square feet this museum in Mysore is the brainchild of M N Gowri who holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts. Truly a masterpiece in itself; entering this Mysore museum takes our subconscious self to a different unseen part of the universe. Sculptures represent and illustrate various subjects. The most spectacular ones display the rich cultural heritage of Mysore and famous mythological stories. Curious to know more about this outstanding place? Read ahead and let the words take you to a virtual tour of this Mysore museum.


This museum in Mysore hosts about 150 sand sculptures which represent 16 different themes. Created with more than 100 truckloads of sand; the sand sculptures speak volumes about the talent of the artist.. Following points explain more about the exhibits in detail:

  • At the entrance you are greeted by a 15 feet statue of Lord Ganesha.
  • Other sand sculptures include Goddess Chamundeshwari, Mysore King Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, Lord Krishna and Arjuna, Christmas Tree, Laughing Buddha.
  • Even sand sculptures have been created showing Disneyland, instances from Arabian nights, Tom and Jerry cartoon.
  • Children will really enjoy watching the cartoon characters inside this 3-D Gallery.
  • The eye catching and gripping sculptures are created just with sand, water and a little amount of glue.
  • How much time a sand sculpture lasts when it is constructed on the beach? 1 day? 2 days? But here in this museum in Mysore the exhibits are protected from sun and rain and insecticides are used to prevent damage from insects. Such well maintenance makes the sculptures last over a year.
  • This place, being one of the major Mysore attractions, guarantees to enthrall you with its totally different concept of displaying art.


I am sure you all must be really excited by now to visit this truly captivating Mysore attraction. Good news is that this wonderful place of creativity is open 7 days a week from 08:30 AM to 06:30 PM. Though on national holidays like Gandhi Jayanti the timings may differ.

Entry fees is a meagre Rs.40/- for adults and Rs.20/- for children which is nothing as compared to the unique talent on display. All cabs and auto-rickshaws ply on the route to this museum. So what are you waiting for? Plan, pack your bags and head straight to Mysore.