Bakeries are plentiful in Mysore. Many locals have the sweet tooth and yearning for fresh baked goods, just like the next guy. Visitors to Mysore will be treated to a selection of fresh baked goodies that can be easily be located simply by following the wonder aromas of fresh baked doughs and yeast coming to life.

The cakes, pastries and various types of sweets made by artisan bakery shops are so mouthwatering that people of all ages are sure to fall in love with Mysore’s booming pastry market. On the daily routine, most Mysorian residents love to indulge on these delicious baked goods and if it’s good enough for the locals it’s good enough for travelers. Treat yourself and enjoy.

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ice cream mysore

Some of our most desired bakeries and ice cream establishments to visit in Mysore.

Here are some of the most popular Bakes& Ice cream centers in mysore.

  1. Dolphin Bakes N Ice Creams
  2. 18+ Ice Cafe
  3. Polar Bear
  4. Madhugiri
  5. Sweet n Swirl
  6. Ibaco

Dolphins Bakes N’Ice Cream

Dolphin is a popular location, multiple stores throughout the city are always jam packed with customers, particularly children who come to enjoy the mouth-watering bakery products, fast-bites and Cool shakes and juices.

Sri Krishna Sweets

mysore bakeryEstablished in 1948 by Shri N K Mahadeva Iyer with a mission to serve the public a professional catering house. His tenacity and innovation, with years of research into ingredients, technique and consumer taste, gave the world the highly delicious melting magic the divine Mysurpa, a delicacy loved by one and all, in India and abroad.

Patiently growing over the last sixty years, today SKS is closely associated with divine taste, superior quality and excellent value. Having mastered the traditional art of sweets, SKS has developed a new concept by offering the magnificent SKS flavors to all consumers.

Cake Sagar Bakery

The ideal destination for cakes and biscuits on a hot steamy day!

Aroma the Bakers

A super place to hangout and watch the world pass by. Aroma the Baker offers ample seating space so you’re sure to find a comfortable spot to enjoy your goodies. Menu primarily consist of lite snacks, fresh cakes, thick milkshakes, fresh juices and faloodas.

Additional options include:

  • Bake Point
  • Surya Bakery
  • Bangalore Jyanger Cake Palace

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