Melody World Wax Museum

The word ‘Melody’ comes from the ancient Greek word melōidía which was used to denote a tune for lyric poetry. Soulful songs and their captivating melodies are a great stress buster in today’s fast paced world. True to these words one of the most absorbing and gripping Mysore attractions is the Melody World Wax Museum, Also know as Wax Museum.

It is well connected by road and easily reachable. Auto-rickshaws, cabs and city buses ply on its route. It takes about 15 minutes to reach this museum in Mysore from Mysore Junction and about the same time from Mysore City Bus Stand. At a distance of 3 kilometers from Mysore Palace it takes about 10 minutes to reach this fascinating Mysore museum from there.

Wax Museum  is established and constituted in October 2010; this museum in Mysore is the outcome of firm and unshakable efforts of Shreeji Bhaskaran who is an IT Professional job wise. Music is the theme of this Mysore museum and it is constructed as a testimonial or a tribute to musicians and music lovers from around the globe.


Divided in total 19 galleries Melody World hosts about 300 musical instruments belonging to different parts of history. Indian as well as Western musical instruments are collaborated together including both traditional and modern instruments.

Even tribal musical instruments are on display. This entire set of musical instruments is shown with the help of 110 life size wax statues. These statues are arranged depicting various musical cultures from all over the world like Punjabi Bhangra, Middle East, Chinese, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Hindustani Carnatic etc.

This Mysore museum not only hosts thematic representations of music but also wax statues are installed in relevance to societal themes highlighting various aspects of the current society. The wax statues are truly magnificent and really appeal to the eyes of the visitors who get enthralled, excited and enchanted by admiring the colossal amount of efforts put in by the sculptures in constructing the life-like statues.

Special attraction of this museum in Mysore; which really grips the visitors in their tracks; Wax museum is the huge and stupendously large statue of Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, who was a ruler of Mysore.

Also if you are one of the persons who loves playing musical instruments then this Mysore attraction offers one special section which is created just for you. Here, in this special section, you can try your hands on some musical instruments.

A quick fact!! If you are wondering the amount of wax required to construct one statue; then here is the food for your thoughts; one statue requires about 50 kg of wax.


Good news is that this amazing Mysore attraction is open for visitors seven days a week from 09:30 AM to 07:00 PM. Entry rates are a meagre Rs.30/- per person and if you love photography and require to carry a still camera along with you then an additional charge of Rs.10/- is required to be paid.