Karanji Lake – Places to visit at Mysore

Karanji Lake

Karanji Lake is one of among many Places to visit in Mysore. At first, this lake was worked as a permeation tank by the Mysore King, to fill in as wellspring of drinking water for inhabitants and was utilized for different errands like showering, washing, and so forth. In 1976, the lake has been taken as a piece of Mysore Zoo. From that point forward, it has been kept up by the Mysore Zoo specialist. Otherwise called Fountain Lake it is spread over a territory of 90 hectares of lavish greenery and rich fauna; out of 90 hectares of region, 55 hectares is the water spread zone while the foreshore zone is around 35 hectares.

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Only a recreation stroll around the lake likewise guarantees to give you a couple of serene minutes in the midst of the lovely common setting. Aside from offering a stunning grand excellence, this lake has an extensive variety of offices to keep guests engaged. For kids, there is an uncommon kids’ corner. The sailing at the lake is very pleasant, letting you to encounter the reviving quietness of the lake.

This place is ideal for picnics too. Numerous guests can be seen unwinding and getting a charge out of dinners with their friends and family. Travelers are permitted to bring stuffed sustenance inside this region. There is an espresso stall too.

Avian fauna

Karanji lake is not just for guests who need to unwind amidst nature yet a perfect place for birdwatchers as well. With around 147 types of winged creatures, this region presents astonishing chances to get a look at flying creatures, for example, Sandpipers, Asian open bill storks, herons, egrets, greenish songbird, rose ringed parakeet, dark colored shrike, red-rough looking bulbul, red wattled lapwing, booted lark, dark drongo and sunbird. painted stork, ibis, egret, cormorant, dim pelican, and so on are a portion of the regular transitory flying creatures that can be spotted here. Therefore its a must one of the Places to visit in Mysore


This lake gloats of having the biggest stroll through aviary in India. This aviary, which was worked with a cost of more than 3.8 million, is 20 m high, 50 wide and is of 60 m length. This aviary at Karanji Lake has a simulated waterfall alongside two other water bodies. The water in the aviary is pumped from Karanji Lake while the utilized water is pumped outside again into the lake.

Another alluring element of this lake is the Butterfly Park, one of  the Places to visit in Mysore. This stop has been worked over a little island inside the Karanji Lake. An absolute necessity visit for nature darlings, this butterfly stop brags of more than 45 dazzling types of butterflies. One can see different host plants and nectar plants which have been planted here to encourage rearing and sustenance of butterflies. Some of these plants have been brought from different slope stations.

Another fascination at the lake is the Regional Museum of Natural History which is also a Places to visit in Mysore, which is situated on its banks, giving data on the indigenous habitat of South India, and on the nature protection. It was introduced in the time of 1995 with the prime targets of displaying verdure, fauna and geological parts of Southern India and underlining on the protection of nature and its assets by outlining the interrelationship amongst plants and creatures. It additionally expects to make natural mindfulness through different projects.

Timings and Entry Fee

You can visit Karanji Lake from 08.30 am to 05.30 pm on all days consistently, aside from on Tuesdays. The passage expense of the Karanji Lake is additionally negligible which permits everybody to make the most of its tranquil magnificence. It is Rs.10 per individual. For camcorder, the charges are Rs.25 and still camera charges are Rs.10.


Karanji Lake lies at a separation of 2 km from the Mysore Palace. It is arranged at the base of the magnificent Chamundi slopes which is another mainstream touring place in Mysore; the acclaimed Chamundeshwari sanctuary is situated here.

It is very near the focal point of the city which makes it effortlessly available as well. Its nearness to the city transport stop makes visit this lake much simpler. From Mysore railroad station, it is around 5 km away. Thus, travelers can without much of a stretch take an auto-rickshaw or book taxi and achieve the lake from the railroad station or transport stand.