Mysore is a city of treasures, her beautiful gardens, parks and palaces. Decadent treats from bakeries, restaurants and coffee house. Textiles, fabrics, silks including endless works of art, teeming with culture and history. Mysore offers so much to so many visitors, including leather products!

mysore accesoriesYou may not have consider Mysore your destination for leather goods, but that mindset will quickly change after your visit to our city. Shopping through the streets of Mysore you’ll uncover a selection of upmarket leather products varying on all types, shapes and sizing. Selections of hand crafted wallets, belts, shoes hand bags, backpacks and quality luggage are limitless.

mysore accesoriesIndia’s leather market production is a booming $17.8 Billion dollar(USD) industry on the global market producing 13% into the worlds leather markets. India is the second largest grossing leather garment and footwear producing nation in the world, and is readily available right here in Mysore for you to discover.

Accessories Made From Leather

Raw materials are readily available in India and is home to over 20% of the worlds cattle and sheep populations. With so many resources available, India is producing 2.5 Billion sq/ft of leather amounting to 13% of the world’s production.

mysore accesoriesAs mentioned earlier, the leather industry is manufacturing high quality goods from footwear, leather garments, hand bags, wallets and additional accessories including saddlery and harness. With so many options on the market, it’s nearly impossible to leave Mysore with a piece of quality Indian leather.

An excitement for traditional hand craftsmanship and a brave expedition for modernism, leather finishes and unique designs spanning accessories.

“There is character and soul in what we do. The material we use, the link to heritage, the designs, that combination is unique.” – Unknown Author


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