Balmuri Falls

Picnic Spot in Mysore | Balmuri Falls

Looking for a perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor picnic in Mysore? Frustrated from the hustle and bustle of the city and looking to head towards nature? Look no further as we have got the right Mysore sightseeing place for you. Situated at a distance of about 18 km from Mysore when we travel towards Krishna Raja Sagar Dam; there awaits our eyes the scenic beauty of a short waterfall named as Balmuri Falls which is absolutely a nature lover’s delight and one of the must Mysore places to visit.

Located in Srirangapatna these falls have been a backdrop of many Kannada movies and it is because of this reason you might think that you have seen these falls even when you are visiting for the very first time. The p

opularity of this, one of the most relaxed and soothing, tourist places in Mysore has risen tremendously due to its cinema connection.

This is actually not a natural waterfall. It’s a man-made waterfall with a height of about 6 feet. A small check dam is constructed across the river Cauvery and whenever the water overflows the check dam, a fantastic cascade is created as water comes down from a height of about six feet. Now you might be thinking that why its name is Balmuri!! Bala means right and Muri means curve in Kannada language, so the name given to the falls comes out to be Balmuri as the river makes a right turn near this awesome picnic site.


  • As said above this is one of the best tourist places in Mysore for an outdoor picnic and if you want to enjoy the beautiful nature as this place’s lush greenery, scenic beauty and the sparkling water of the river Cauvery; surely going to soothe your nerves and re-awaken your senses.
  • You can go for swimming or take a dip in the glowing water but you are definitely to take caution in the water as there are no life guards on this spot. Changing rooms for the same are available.
  • You can enjoy a boat ride at this exquisite and attractive Mysore sightseeing place. Boat ride is seasonal though.
  • Also there is a very popular religious spot near this waterfall. Temple of Ganpati, which comes under the list of one of the most pious Mysore places to visit, is a must go if you are at this waterfall. It definitely awakens the devotee inside you due to the glamor of nature all around this place.
  • Feeling hungry at the waterfall? Didn’t carry enough food? No worries as there are awesome eateries around this place serving good quality food.


  • Now you must be thinking about the best time to visit this unique Mysore sightseeing place.
  • Though the place can be visited any time in the year but according to me the best time is in summers from March to August. If you ask why then it is because the water level is low in this period and it is definitely safe to go inside and have a fun time with water.


  • You can come to this place on a bus from Mysore or Bangalore to Srirangapatna and from the bus stop you can hire a taxi or an auto to reach this one of the most amazing tourist places in Mysore.
  • Also if you are planning to come by railways then surely you can board any train to Srirangapatna and upon reaching here just hire a taxi or an auto. No need to worry! Taxis and autos are readily available as this site is one of the most tourist thronged Mysore places to visit.

So guys and gals! What are you waiting for? Plan, pack and come and enjoy Mysore.


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