International Adventure sport skydiving enters cultural city

Mysore News: ‘Sky riders’ is an initiative being organised by the state tourism department, in association with the Delhi-based Kakini Enterprises. For the next two months, adventure sport enthusiasts in the city can take to skydiving at the Mysuru Airport. The initiative was flagged off by DC D Randeep.

(News Source from Times of India dated on 17/12/2016)


Chief of Skyriders, Aanchal Khurana said, “It’s a freefall till the moment the instructor unfurls the parachute. While the jump is taken at a height of 10,000ft, the parachute is opened at 5,000ft. During freefall, people drop at the speed of 180km/h.”

A member of the Skyriders team, Solanki said that it would take around 45 minutes for the aircraft to reach the altitude of 10,000ft. “Before take-off, there’ll be a small drill, and the people taking the jump are given basic instructions. Those having cardiac problems cannot take the ride,” he said.

Tourism department secretary Naveen Raj Singh said that the government was giving a push to adventure sports in its bid to promote tourism. “We organised the ‘Ride to Hampi’ campaign in Ballari, and will promote surfing at Udupi. We chose Mysuru for skydiving since the city is a safe drop zone,” he added.

The jump will cost Rs 35,000 per individual. Enthusiasts will take the ride on a four-seater Cessna that will be piloted by Vamshi. Bhasha, who has over 5,000 jumps to his name, will accompany the enthusiasts on the jump.