Mysore cuisine is renowned throughout India and many tourists relish in trying the delicacies rather than eating the foods they can get in their home land. Southern Indian food is very delicious with a large variety of spicy and sweet dishes that will make taste buds dance on the tongue. Like most of the Southern Indian cities, the cuisine in Mysore is mostly rice based and can be enjoyed in the many traditional restaurants of Mysore.

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Mysore Famous Food

The famous dishes are unique to Mysore are Idli, Thatte Idlis, Uppittu, Puri Palya, Kesari bhath, Vada Sambar, Oggarane avalakki, Uthapam, Chitranna, Saaru or Huli, Palyas, Gojju, Bisibelebhat, Puliyogare, Kosambri and Dosa. When in Mysore one must indulge in a Mysore Masala Dosa an/or Rawa Dosa coupled with delicious coconut, Onion and tomato Chutney.

All of these dishes incorporate various vegetables, copious amounts of lentils and are seasoned with multiple herbs, giving them a rich depth of unbeatable flavor.  Cooked in coconut milk and garnished with fresh coriander, each dish is distinctly different from the next, but each equally as tantalizing.

Papadums (Papads), pickles and curds, are famous accompaniments to Mysore dishes and are included with most of the meals. These compliment the heavily flavored cuisine, as they allow the palette to be cleansed between each delightful bite.

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Muddae Ragi is another unique Mysore dish and is considered a staple of the Mysore cuisine.  Made from Ragi flour, It is often served with a ‘mouth watering Dal’, but can accompany many of the dishes of Mysore.

Mysore Food With Meat

For the meat eating travelers, there are plenty of non-vegetarian dishes to be discovered.  Full of just as much flavor as their vegetarian cousins, these dishes are equally as delicious.  Mysore cuisine offers a mutton curry, unique to the city, that all ‘carnivorous’ travelers must indulge in.

No meal would be complete without dessert and Mysore desserts will not disappoint. A sweet tooth can enjoy indulging in Chiroti, Holige, Obbattu, Shavige Payasa, Rave Unde and lets not forget the famous Mysore Pak.  Tourists cannot say they’ve experienced the true Mysore, without devouring some delicious Mysore Pak.

mysore food

From the delicious butter milk topped with spices, to the traditional filtered coffee, Mysore has a variety of drinks that compliment their cuisine. Tourists to Mysore should try Rasam, a famous Mysore drink, made from a tamarind base.