One of the initial thoughts you will have when arriving to India is the impressive and decorative patterns bursting with colors on women’s apparel. Like most Indian fashion, women’s nature of clothing contingent upon on the regional climate, local culture, and selected religion, including whether a urban or rural settings.

mysore sareeIn the urban regions, western clothing has become more ordinary. Incuding the fusion of both western and eastern fashions. Take for example; a kurti (astyle of blouse) with jeans is a common sight in Mysore. In outskirts or rural areas, more customary attire is worn. Take for rural example; women seemingly wear a saree (long draping fabric worn as a piece of outer wear) in their daily routines. Mysore Silk Sarees Udhyog is world famous  Sarees  Business.

Indian dresses in Mysore

Silk Saree is considered one of the most wonderful and widely worn dresses by Indian women. Matter of fact, when one thinks of a typical Indian woman, the first thing that sparks the imagination is a woman draped in a beautiful flowing sari, while wearing the solahshringar including bindi, chudi, kajal, etc.

India has a wide range of fabulous fabrics, textiles, weaves, accompanied by brilliant colors that are sure to make every piece original and unique as the woman wearing it.

Traditional Indian women’s fashion has come full circle. Previously out of fashion, customary attire is now prominent once again. Well, if you’ve paid close attention to the trends within fashion industry, you may realize that modern fashion has aped the styling and designing of the bygone eras, the period of royalty, when Maharajas and Ranis used to spend extravagantly on their clothing.

The creative fashion designers of today are seeking an ethnic creativity that take it back to cultural roots and remind women to honor their gloried past.

Here are a few listings which are popular check ins for Women’s apparel.

  • Zaina
  • Van Heusen – Mall Of Mysore
  • Badsha Stores – The Silk Experience Since 1965
  • NIKE
  • Ksic Mysore Silk Showroom
  • Karnataka Govt. Silk Factory
  • Planet Fashion – Mysore