Traditional Men Apparel of India

Jama was reflected as the principle royal garb of Mughal emperors. It is a tight fitting frock with a flickering skirt up to knee while being fastened on the right side of the body. While the Patka was used to keep the decorative jeweled sword around the gentleman’s waist of the jama. The patka is a type of girdle made of a detailed fiber which is handcrafted and painted, printed or embroidered.

pagri mysoreChogha are embroidered, long sleeved coats generally worn over jamas, angrakhas and other items of clothing. It’s normally up to knee in length and is open in the front.

Pagri(turban) was common attire of Mughals, as it declared their status in society. To give a turban means you are renouncing your powers to them. Though, the forced removal of a turban was considered a shameful act of disgrace.

Modern Men Apparel of India

In 2014, men’s fashion of India was greatly impacted by the improving economy and fashion-conscious cities of London, New York City, Paris, and Milan. Taking bright colored and retro graphic prints out of fashion in approval for the solids colors of black, white,beige, taupe, gray,marl, burgundy, including multiple shades of green.

Clothing items included tailored marl sweatpants, jersey shirts, chunky hiking boots with thick soles,bomber jackets, leather jackets, denim jackets, thick oversized anoraks, loose unorganized blazers, double-breasted sport-coats,high riding shorts above the knee, and jogger pants.Sales in floral designs for Indian men more than doubled amongst fashion retailers between 2013 and 2014.


Today fashion is just important in Mysore as any top rated fashion designer city in the world. Visitors can purchase these many fashions, style and accessories throughout the many shopping retail store in the city at affordable prices leaving you feeling divine.

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